LIV properties

The first digital solution in Circular Economy for property management, rentals and all associated financial aspects to get the most out of your real estate portfolio

LIV properties is a cloud-based platform providing services to property owners/managers

Our digital solution allows you to document your entire real estate portfolio in one easy-to-use application




 rental contracts

 payables & receivables

 and more

LIV properties provides you with a detailed overview of your cash flow and the capability to export and import data from your accounting system

Additionally, LIV property management maintenance feature provides a digital interface to facilitate communication between property owners/managers, suppliers and tenants to allow for effective and efficient collaboration

Main Features


Easy-to-use overview of your current administrative tasks and financials while highlighting relevant statistics

Property Management

Structured and up-to-date documenting of real estate portfolios e.g.: buildings, units, tenants, rental contracts and all related payables and receivables

Tenant Management

Well organised summary of tenant information and rental contract management

Supplier Management

Simple and user-friendly management of all supplier related information and interactions in one convenient location for property owner/manager 


Structured system to enable communication and register all necessary maintenance inquiries, activities and to-do’s

Document Management

Securely stores and manages contracts, leases, notices, and other important property documents while allowing for easy and effective retrieval


Algorithms designed for exporting reports in various and readily available formats


Your private data is of utmost importance and will be secured with multiple levels of safety measures

Digitalisation allows to turn a circular vision of Property Management into reality!

Why LIV Property Management

Fun to use




Quality software


Cost effective

Transparent & honest


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