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There are many tips and tricks on how to establish a good rapport with your tenants because let’s face it, better landlords attract better tenants. With an influx of expats flocking to this tiny nation, owning properties to lease is a very advantageous market to be in. Rental properties are a business, a very profitable one at that, and tenants are customers. As landlords, you are providing a service that the tenants are paying for and by adhering to some of these following steps, hopefully you can create a meaningful and lasting relationship with your tenants, which will in return equate to longer and happier leases. 

1. Landlords, Be Clear From the Beginning 

First and foremost, you must provide tenants with the necessary information about their duties and obligations (such as payments made on time), both before and at the time of signing the contract. Likewise, after taking out an insurance contract, it is essential to remind them that they must keep the property in good condition and that, if they need significant repairs that they will need to contact you. Also, make sure that they are well informed about the equipment and objects that are available at their disposal.

2. “Prepare” the House 

It is essential to make sure that the house is clean and proper. To attain this, it is important to complete all necessary repairs and to double-check that nothing is out of place; not only are you establishing a good relationship with your tenants from the very beginning, but you will also be ensuring their trust. Drawing up a document with all essential information about the use and maintenance of various objects and domestic devices will ensure for a smooth transition on new tenant(s) in operating the new house systems from the very first day.  

3. Be Available and Communicate 

As landlords, you must always keep the lines of communication flowing and open by trying to be available to meet the needs of your tenants. In other words, making sure to be prompt in response to any requests and by acting quickly if repairs are your responsibility. Communication is critical, both to let them know that you are listening and that you are there for them and to keep them up to date should any work need to be done. Also, if you must go to the house for repair/maintenance work, it is equally essential to arrange a time with them to not invade their privacy.