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We believe that everyone is capable of generating a positive impact on our society and environment by creating a more transparent, digital and circular economy
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Digitalization allows for a circular vision of the economy to become a reality. At LIV Services we make business easier and more effective, improving economy, society, and environment. In other words, optimizing the quality of life.



We customize our property management solutions to help our clients create positive economic, social, and environmental impacts. That is to say, service innovation and a long track record in specializing in IT, FinTech, and Financial Sectors are the engines of our passion. Above all, we are strongly motivated to find the best solution for you. Therefore, our team ensures our clients are able to invest their time and resources into the activities that benefit them the most.

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We truly believe in the value of life. This is why we have created digital solutions to improve the quality of the ecosystems we live in. In particular, our engagement starts with a digital platform designed for the management of properties. LIV Services facilitates a safe space to support all communication giving life to communities, whether it be financial or informative. Economy, society and environment can work in conjunction in order to shape a new future. We aim to create a more circular world.



We believe that circularity is the first step in creating a sustainable system; one able to generate endurance and stability for our customers.


We believe in the importance of the value of life and in local impact as major ecosystem drivers.


Transparency, sustainable ecosystems, and digital solutions are the key to a better quality of life. We believe in putting people, the environment, and their needs first.

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Our focus is on the value of life, in all its shade. Most importantly, our environment, our society, and the economy play a fundamental role in the existence of each one of us. That is to say, they represent the necessary drive to take action daily and are closely connected. Above all, we are deeply convinced that every one of us is able to generate a positive impact on this ecosystem. Consequently, through digitalization as a key enabler, we can surely contribute to the development of a more transparent and circular economy.

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