LIV Properties

A Digital Solution for Properties, Rentals and all associated Financial Aspects

Drawing of a landlord, a tenant and a suppliers arranged in a circle to show the communicative efficiency of the LIV Properties platform

LIV properties is a cloud-based platform providing services to landlords/managers, tenants, and suppliers. Our digital solution allows you to document your entire real estate portfolio. Most importantly, you can easily manage all information related to buildings, units, tenants, rental contracts, and all related payables and receivables through the platform.

Above all, LIV properties software facilitates maintenance activities, through a digital interface allowing owners/managers, suppliers and tenants to easily communicate. Therefore, the collaboration between all parties involved is more efficient. Furthermore, our property management solution provides you with a detailed overview of your cash flow and the capability to export and import data from your accounting system.

Property Management Platform

LIV Properties was developed to provide a digital solution to manage client properties and all associated financial aspects. The platform is specifically tailored for the financial, private, and public sectors and any individual owning or managing properties.

Our property management platform reduces the administrative burden and provides an overview of all financial information. Moreover, it increases real estate portfolio values and ensures up-to-date compliance with the most current regulations.

Picture of a woman in the office looking at the Property Management Platform on her laptop
Picture of a developer working at the LIV's Property Management Platform

An Easy to Use Platform

For real estate owners, it is hard and time-intensive to manage their portfolio and investment. On the other hand, the LIV properties platform is highly helpful! Our digital cloud-based solution lets property managers save time and money with having everything needed in one app. For instance, we successfully onboarded property owners with hundreds of properties, saved them thousands of euros, and reduced their management time.

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