Together Towards a More Circular World

Picture of a smiling man in LIV's office, talking about circular economy in the built environment

LIV properties uses its Property Management Software to help you and your project transition towards a circular economy in the built environment. 

It is a concept aiming at creating positive economic, social, and environmental impacts by rethinking our current take-make-use-dispose economic model.

Through new design, supply chain, and service innovation, it is possible to keep products and materials in a constant loop. In this way, it alters the current concept of waste.

Most importantly, we believe that our economic system is complex and adaptive. We can help you build a world in which the economy can thrive in conjunction with our society and our environment.

Profiteers of getting more circular with us

Architects and Designers

Suppliers and Sub-Contractors


Service Provision to End User

End-Of-Life Management

A man on the phone: circular economy in the built environment

We are driven by passion and the need to re-design the economic model by using digitalization as a lever to foster the evolution towards a circular economy.

What is in it for you?